Tongola Goat Products a Cheese Producer in Wattle Grove, Tasmania

Tongola Goat Products Heart
Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson And Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6295 1404
Address: 258A Sunday Hill Rd
Wattle Grove, Tasmania, 7109
Country: Australia

Tongola Goat Products is the brainchild of Hans Stutz and Esther Haeusermann. The word Tongola is roughly translated as 'hut in the mountains'. They have become well-known in Tasmania for their fresh and washed-rind goat cheeses.
They make stunning fresh cheeses called Curdly and Capris, a white-mould cheese called Bloom and a washed-rind cheese called Billy. These are some of the best goat cheeses that you will find in Tasmania.
Their products tend to be restricted to specialty outlets such as A Common Ground, the tiny providore in the Salamanca Arts centre Space. However you can find Hans at his stand at the Cygnet Market where he sells his cheese.
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