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We often get asked by people who are about to travel to various cities and regions for a guide to the best places to eat and to shop for food and wine. Therefore we have developed these guides to provide a short summary of our current thinking about various cities around the globe as well as some selected regional centres where we know the food and wine well.

Regional guides

To learn more about these food and wine regions for which we have a great affection click on one of the links below.

Essential Food and Wine Experiences: Vaucluse

A Food Lovers' Guide to Tasmania

Wine bars guide

This is a guide to our favourite wine bars throughout the world that concentrate on natural wines that have been grown either organically or biodynamically, have been fermented naturally and have not had any additions during winemaking except, perhaps, small levels of sulphur.

Our favourite wine bars

City Guides

Here at we have assembled a set of Restaurant Guides that give you information about what to do when you are travelling to some of the world's great food cities. These guides not only contain information about restaurants but also about bars, cafes, food shops and other places of interest to foodies who travel.

Click on any of the links below to go to the city guide of your choice.

Paris Restaurant Guide

Sydney Restaurant Guide

Melbourne Restaurant Guide

San Francisco Restaurant Guide

Hong Kong Restaurant Guide

New York Restaurant Guide

Shanghai Restaurant Guide

Seattle Restaurant Guide

Bangkok Restaurant Guide

Singapore Restaurant Guide

San Sebastian Restaurant Guide

New Orleans Restaurant Guide


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Our book recommendation

This week we recommend the excellent book by Marco Canora, a chef whose food we admire having eaten his food at Hearth and Terroir in New York.