Brae, Birregurra

Published 25th February 2014 | Review

Dan Hunter’s Brae restaurant close to Birregurra in Victoria is the most exciting new restaurant in Australia. And it's not just the food. The understated room is beautiful, with the thoughtful connection between kitchen and dining room helping to contribute to a special experience.

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Clamato, Paris

Published date 20th February 2014 | Review

Clamato is a new venue owned by Bertrand Grébaut and Théo Pourriat of Septime. This delightful bar concentrates on the very freshest seafood and interesting, low-cost natural wines. Our recent meal here was stunning.

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Chez Remi, Angers

Published date 11th February 2014 | Review

Chez Remi is a delightful restaurant in the centre of the Loire city of Angers. Here chef Remi Fournie cooks soulful food for the locals who come back for his food time and time again. He has recently moved the restaurant from its former tiny space to new premises in the centre of the old town opposite the ever-popular bar, Le Cercle Rouge.

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La Cave des Papilles, Paris

Published 1st February 2014 | Review

La Cave des Papilles is a natural wine store in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. We go here to find unicorn wines that are not available anywhere else! On this visit we were delighted to find a number of very rare wines that we haven’t been able to locate anywhere else. This is a true treasure of a wine store!

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Char Koay Teow stall George Town, Penang

Published 1st February 2014 | Review

In George Town there is a famous Char Koay Teow hawker stall in Kimberley St just outside the Sin Guat Keong coffee shop. You will recognise it from the line of eager locals wanting a plate of 'true' Char Koay Teow. This stall serves exemplary noodles using a charcoal burner to fuel the wok

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Tek Sen Restaurant, George Town

Published date 28th January 2014 | Review

Tek Sen is a very special Chinese restaurant in George Town, Malaysia. The bright, yellow-walled open space is welcoming, the staff are very efficient and pleasant and the food is cooked with a great deal of skill and imagination. Try the wonderful eggplant, the tofu dishes and the pork with chilli which are just some of the standout dishes available here.

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Wuyi Tea Art Centre, George Town

Published date 2/1/2014 | Review

Dozens of compressed Pu Erh tea 'cakes' on the wall at the Wuyi Tea Art Centre

The Wuyi Tea Art Centre in George town, Penang is a fairy land for those who seek out the best Pu Erh teas available. There is a direct relationaship between the owner of this tea import business and tea store and the growers in China. Each year he travels to China for the oicking season to ensure that he sources only the best quaity, organic produce. You can buy a range of Pu Erh styles here ranging from young, fresh green Pu Erh to cakes that are over 20 years old.

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Spring Street Grocer and Cheese Shop, Melbourne

Published 20th January 2014 | Review

Spring Street Grocer has a small, but interesting range of essential products such as chocolate, pasta, oil, vinegar and so on. But the real treasure here is to descend into the tiled-lined cheese shop in the cellar where you will find one of the best ranges of cheese in the country.

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Supernormal Canteen - A pop-up in Gertrude St, Melbourne

Published 25th November 2013 | Review

Canteen is a cool little pop-up next door to Cutler and Co in Gertrude St in Melbourne.

It is acting as a test bed for Andrew McConnell's soon-to-be-launched SuperNormal that will open in Flinders Lane in early 2014.

The space is fairly sparse as befits a pop-up, but there is a Japanese theme happening with lots of sake, Asahi beer and cherry bedecked rice paper lanterns.

And the food is an evolution of the offerings at Golden Fields in St Kilda with more emphasis on Japan, but with influences from throughout Asia.

There is a great vibe here and the food fits the vibe well. Make sure that you order the pigs head bao - it is stunning!

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Moon Park - Korean influenced food in Redfern

Published 7th November 2013 | Review

Moon Park is off to a very promising start. This delightful, first-floor space in Redfern overlooking Redfern Park is serving delicious, Korean-inspired dishes matched to interesting Australian and European wines. The dishes are cooked with amazing skill.

At a recent lunch we marvelled at an incredibly thin yet creamy zucchini and mussel pancake in the style of orkonomiyaki. We were also very impressed with a bi bim bap made with rice and pearl barley, corn, crab meat, cured egg, nori and gochujang. This vied for attention alongside a tarakjuk, which was a king's congee made with milk flavoured with stunning braised oxtail and braised tendons then seasoned with kimchi.

The prices are reasonable, the space is very pleasant and we think it will be the perfect venue for a long, lingering Sunday lunch.

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Sydney pizza experience - Cipro Pizza al Taglio

Published 7th October 2013 | Review

Cipro Pizza al Taglio is a welcome addition to the Sydney dining scene. It is relaxed and unpretentious but serves top notch food prepared with skill and care. The light-filled space and the open kitchen lend a casual, but welcoming vibe and pizza by the slice is a quick and convenient way to dine (although there are many other options available). They even have natural beer and you are welcome to bring your own wine.

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